Hill Surgery Action Group

The Hill Surgery Action Group (HSAG) was established in January 2024 by patients and caregivers of Beaconsfield Road, Harold Road, and Fairlight Road surgeries to advocate for better healthcare services in the local area. The group believes healthcare quality has declined significantly since merging the three surgeries into The Hill Surgery, possibly risking patients’ lives.

The CQC ratings for Harold Road at the last audit were rated as Inadequate/Special Measures, albeit Hill Surgery now rates itself as Good, which was Beaconsfield Road’s last CQC rating before the merger.

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Latest News

Committee member needed

Following the sad resignation of Victoria Peckham from our committee due to ongoing health problems, we are looking for a new board member to be our Rural surgeries lead, to represent the Fairlight Road Surgery patients and to join our regular board meetings. This person needs to be an HSAG member, and have their own vehicle (some rural surgeries have no local bus route), be enthusiastic about our aims and be willing to give up their time voluntarily. Please mailto:chair@hsag.org.uk.uk if interested.

Information on the Call Centre

For those who do not know, when patients phone the Hill Surgery number they do not call a local receptionist, they get put through to a call-center in Manchester. Why Manchester? It may be of interest to many to know that CallCare is not specifically a health related company. It provides call reception, switchboard and triage services to many industries, such as professional services to business, healthcare, facilities management, and ecommerce. Avenues of communication are primarily telephone, but can also include email and text if required by the client. Call Care charge the NHS for this service, which could be provided more efficiently as our local reception service, employing local people with local knowledge.

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